Call for papers

Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced Motion Control in Mechatronics

Advances in Aerospace and Automotive

Agile Manufacturing

Construction, Industrial Automation, Manufacturing Process

Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Control

Automation and Control Systems, Middleware

Automotive Control, Autonomous Vehicles, and Electric Vehicles

Biomedical and Rehabilitation Engineering

Computational Modelling and Software Engineering

Computer Vision

Control, Robotics And Mechatronics

Design for Manufacture and Assembly

Diagnosis and Monitoring in Mechatronic Systems

Digital Communication Systems

Dynamic, Vibration, Acoustic and Control System

Electrical and Electronic System

Electrical Energy Generation, Transmission and Distribution

Electrical Machines

Engineering Applications Supporting the SDGs

Fault Detection and Diagnosis in Mechatronics Systems

Fiber-optic Communication

Haptics and Robotics Control

High-Precision Control, Micro/Nano Mechatronics

Humanoid Robots, Service Robots

Human-Robot Interaction, Semi-Autonomous Systems

Intelligent Control and AI in Mechatronics

Intelligent Systems and Information Technology

IoT and Sensor Networks

Knowledge Based Systems

Lean Manufacturing Logistics

Machine Learning

Machine Vision

Management of Technology

Manufacturing Process and System

Mechatronics and Intelligent Machines

Mechatronics Applications in Agriculture and Regional Industries

Mechatronics applications in Cyber-physical Systems

Mechatronics Engineering

Mechatronics in Energy Systems

Micro Mechatronics

Micro-electro Mechanical Systems and Devices

Mining Robotics

Mobile Robots and UAVs

Modeling and Simulation Scheduling

Nano / Micro Systems And Applications, Biological and Medical Applications

Network and Communication Technologies in Mechatronics

Other Emerging Topics in Mechatronics Power Electronics

Renewable Energy Systems

Rescue, hazardous environments

Robotics and automation

Robotics, Mechatronics and Sensor Technology

Sensor design, sensor fusion, sensor networks

Signal Modelling for Audio-Visual Communication

Solar Technology

Structural and Environment Engineering

Sustainability, Energy Conservation, Ecology

Transportation Systems

Visual Servo Systems and Image Processing in Mechatronics